January 04, 2010

Jesus at Bethlehem: first in a manger, then in a HOUSE

Mary gave birth to him in Bethlehem, “and laid him in a MANGER, because there was no place for them in the inn.”  Luke 2:7.

The manger appears also in Luke 2:12 and Luke 2:16.

When the magi arrived in Bethlehem, they visited him in a HOUSE.  Matthew 2:11.

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Update-- for the sake of being less "subtle".
A manger is a bin, box, trough, or rack holding food for animals in a stable or barn.
A house would not have a manger in it.
Most Nativity sets show the magi visiting Jesus at a manger in a stable, rather than in a house as the Gospel reports.
I didn't notice the subtle Gospel detail (magi at a house, not a manger) until this year.


Anonymous Bob Farrell said...

This post is too SUBTLE for my understanding.

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